Exclusive for Real Estate Agents

“Be willing to pay any price, in order to stay in presence of extraordinary people”

If you have more than two years of experience as a real estate agent, it is possible that you’d qualify to join our team of professional associates.

At Rutois International Realty, we do not strive to have hundreds of partners. Instead, we seek to partner with a select group of professionals who can meet the market and our company’s requirements, and who are ready to be backed by a recognized and respected name in the business world.

If your prioritypriority is to find the company that pays the highest commission, we suggest you don’t invest your time to interview with us.

We offer more than just a commission...

It’s a style of work
It’s vocational training
It’s a growth opportunity
It’s our work ethic
It’s an opportunity to attend domestic and international events
It’s the opportunity to represent projects, previously screened and analyzed
It’s a mutual compromise that will bring you much satisfaction and success.

If you are looking to take your career to the next level, please take a moment to review some of the benefits of being part of our company:

Most companies offer basic training; however, we offer training, as well as technical sales, financial motivation, and provide you the tools to reach your goals. Your Sales Agent license is your most valuable asset; our post-closing department will ensure that each transaction will comply with the required documentation, which will be reviewed, approved and filed properly. You will join our company as an agent, and in a short time will become a negotiator. This transition is the main reason why our agents increased their sales by more than 100% in a relatively short period. As a Sales Agent associated with Rutois International Realty, you will be able to:

Attend exclusive events for our real estate agents, as well as any public event (at no charge) about financial motivation provided by Mr. Rutois.
Invite your customers to our office counting with the collaboration of Mr. Rutois and his team, to help you close more deals.
Participate in our events for investors in the United States as well as overseas. Without doubt this opportunity opens new doors and provides new horizons.
. In summary, if you want to be a top producer, we know how to help you to achieve your goal. To do this, we will need the willingness to work with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment; and to share a motivation spirit in an ambience of cooperation, support and companionship.

If you feel that you should belong to this group of professionals, answer each question below.
If you agree with all these statements; please contact us to request an interview immediately.

Your disposition is to work with honesty and integrity
The priority of this work is to meet the goals of your client, and not only earn a commission
Have the disposition to receive training.
Have the desire to turn into a negotiator.
Have the desire and willingness to travel occasionally to different countries to represent the company.
Has a willingness to work a minimum of six hours a day
Demonstrates a positive attitude and has a great desire to overcome

If you want an interview, please call at 954-447-4445 or send an email to: info@rutois.com

To be part of our company, you can live anywhere in the State of Florida.

“"Life gives you exactly what you demand of it";